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Mark and I got married on 20 August 2005.  Thirty five family members and close friends joined us at the ceremony.  We were blessed to have warm, beautiful and sunny weather on our wedding day, whilst it was rainy and gloomy before and after.

We would like to thank those who attended our wedding and also those who could not join us, in particular my dad who is bedridden, my eldest sister Candy in London, my youngest sister Harriet who has two very young kids to attend to and many good friends in Hong Kong.  Thanks for all your greetings and gifts.

Please feel free to sign and view my Guest Book (hyperlinks on the top right hand corner).  It is never too late to send us your blessings.

Many of you may want to know how I feel about the wedding.  Here are some bits and pieces of my thoughts:

  • I felt I was super efficient: worked till 17 August when my family arrived; drove to the airport daily before the wedding to pick up family and friends at various times; arranged car rentals and hotel accommodation for family and friends; finalized all wedding ceremony arrangements; showed family and friends around in Tasmania (the restaurants loved us - a big group of at least a dozen people and we basically took all their tables) ...
  • I was incredibly resilient: I twisted my lower back when loading a heavy pack into the car trunk, about to go to the airport to pick up my family on 17 August.  In pain, I climbed into the car, drove to the airport, drove to the hotel, walked with my family to the scenic Cataract Gorge and cooked a dinner for ten.  Even though on 18 August, I could not get out of bed on my own (thanks Mark for helping me to get up, put my socks and shoes on, etc), I still managed to be a navigator and showed my family and friends North Tasmania.  To cut the story short, on my wedding day I looked as if everything was normal though my lower back was taped up by the physiotherapist.
  • I was more like a party organizer than a bride.  I did not have the anxiety a bride would have.  Perhaps because of my professional training as a PR event organizer.  Perhaps I was overwhelmed by the many things that happened (planned and unplanned).  Perhaps I felt too lucky that this big day at last came...  Before the wedding, when the marriage celebrant asked how I would board on the boat and whether someone would walk me there, I said I would be the party organizer busily escorting all my guests on board.  As it turned out, exactly like what I said, I was standing at the ferry pier greeting the guests, running around checking this and that making sure everything was in order on board ... The one moment I felt nervous was when we vowed before all the guests.
  • Before the wedding, I asked Mark how he felt about the wedding. He said, "another thing to be done".   Anyway, this is one big thing off our checklist now.
  • Last but not least, I would like to thank my husband Mark for helping with the wedding organization.  For bearing with my nagging.  And also for showing up at the wedding with new shoes, new suit and fresh hair cut.  xoxoxo

Below are links to the photo albums of our wedding and honeymoon.  As we did not have an official photographer at the wedding ceremony, we would appreciate very much if our guests would kindly email or send by post their photos to us for sharing. You are also welcome to download any photos from our album.  (My brother in law Thomas also took some video footage.  I will post the video onto the Internet once available.  Will keep you informed.)

wedding  Wedding on Tamar Odyssey, Launceston (20 August 2005)   婚禮

honeymoon Honeymoon at Mount Buller, Victoria (23-26 August 2005)  蜜月





  • 無比能幹:8月17日家人到達前,還在上班。自17日起每天往來機場,接待到訪的親友;安排交通、租車、酒店等等;確定婚禮細節;充當導遊,與家人好友遊山玩水,一行至少十二人,浩浩蕩蕩,(在餐廳裡)所向披靡。
  • 無比堅忍:8月17日因搬重物到車上,不慎弄傷尾龍骨,因趕時間,忍痛爬入車廂,駛往機場,其後繼續前往酒店,整頓家人住宿後,隨之導遊朗塞斯頓市狹谷,並烹煮十人晚宴。8月18日早上痛極不能自行起床,幸得未婚夫相扶一把,並助穿鞋戴襪,勉強仍能充當導航員,不致親友掃興未能飽覽塔斯曼尼亞名勝。長話短說,婚禮當日我行動如常,皆因已有物理治療師在我腰背做了手腳,華衣背後盡是繃帶紗布,頓覺我國禮服保守優異之處。
  • 置身度外:未能領會當新娘子的緊張興奮,感覺自己像派對攪手多一點,可能是長期當公關的職業病、可能是前前後後事務繁多無暇思索、可能是恨嫁已久...。婚禮前,婚禮主持問我如何上船,會否有親人伴隨?一愕,答道:親朋好友遠道而來,人地生疏,屆時我將忙於照顧,無暇兼顧禮節,到時到候自會自行步往證婚台。婚禮當日,亦實情如是。話雖如此,盟誓一刻亦不免緊張。
  • 婚禮之前,問問未婚夫感受如何?他只說:另一件要做的事。答案雖欠浪漫,但不失老實。總算終於可從清單中删去一項。
  • 最後也要感謝夫婿協助安排婚事細節,容忍我不時嘮囌。



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